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Frequently asked questions

We recommend introducing your pup to the organs before putting them inside the Piggle. This allows the dogs to first learn how to remove food from the organs before adding the extra challenge of removing them from the Piggle. To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1
Add dry treats that don't crumble easily (or kibble) to the treat pockets on the backs of the organs. If the pocket has been turned inside out, gently push it back into the organ, and it’s ready to go.

Step 2
Once your doggo gets the hang of removing the treats, insert the organs into the Piggle by sliding them between the panel slats. You can also remove the entire panel but it is not necessary to do so.If your dog isn't sure how to remove the treats, you can remove the panel, place the treat-filled organs inside and let them remove the organs without the panel. Once they get the hang of that, go back to Step 2.  

As your dog learns how to use the Piggle, they may try to get to the treats by chewing and tearing the toy. If this happens, take it away from them for their safety until they learn how to remove the food properly.

NOTE: Always supervise your dog's play with all toys.

Most toys only have one use, but not the Piggle. It’s an endless source of enrichment activities for you and your pup. Here are just a few that you can use the Piggle for:

Scent games
Fill the Piggle and organs with treats, hide them around your home, and then watch your dog have a blast.

Fill the Piggle with your pup's breakfast or dinner (dry food only) to make mealtime more exciting.

Up the snuffling ante by wrapping the Piggle and organs separately in a towel or placing in a cardboard box that's safe to tear apart.

The current panel design may be difficult for some short-muzzle dogs, but not all. It really depends on a broad range of factors. However, we have other panel designs in the works so that dogs of all muzzle shapes and sizes can enjoy the Piggle in all its glory. Please stay tuned! The organs are designed to be enjoyed by all dogs and can be used in various fun ways without the need of our Piggle and can be purchased separately if desired.

The Piggle is machine washable like all other plush toys. Simply toss it in the washing machine, and once it's done pop it in the dryer on normal or medium heat. Or, to err on the side of caution, let it air dry.

Due to limited plush toy manufacturing in the United States, our toy is made in China using all new materials. Our products meet the US regulations for children's plush toys.

At the time, we do not yet offer international shipping. Hang in there, though, we’re working on it.

Please reach out to us at with any questions, comments, or to share a cute photo of your pup (we might even feature them on our Instagram). We’d love to hear from you!