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The Piggle

The Piggle is part of our Forager toy collection, and was designed with enrichment principles in mind to simulate the activities they'd take part if they lived in the wild. Unlike other cloth toys, the Piggle motivates your dog to seek treats instead of tearing apart in a matter of minutes.


  • Pig: Approximately 12 in x 5.5 in x 5.5 in (L x H x W), 8.5 in W with legs
  • Heart: 3 in x 5 in x 2 in 
  • Stomach: 4.5 in x 3.5 in x. 2 in 
  • Intestines: 7 in x 3 in x 2 in
  • Panel: 7.25 in x 5.5 in

Key Features:

  • Body is made with lined sponge material for durability and to help hold the Piggle's shape.
  • Organs and panel are replaceable to get more use out of the toy without the need to replace the whole toy if you have an oopsie-daisy. Because dogs are gonna dog and no toy's truly indestructible.
  • Machine washable. 
  • Meets US regulations for children's plush toys.